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Recipe Overview - Your introduction to Mexican Cuisine

Rezept Übersicht - Euer Einstieg in die mexikanische Küche

At we have set ourselves the goal of bringing the inimitable Mexican attitude to life and the authentically optimistic Mexican culture to this country. On our blog we would like to bring you closer to exactly that. And because Mexican food is a big part of the culture and good food brings people together, we regularly provide you with new recipes of the diverse and aromatic Mexican cuisine.

Food is community and food is family. Our guest authors on the blog have become an important part of that as well. In this article, you'll learn more about our cooks who regularly contribute new delicious recipe ideas from Mexican cuisine and beyond, and you'll get a better first overview of all the recipes on the blog. Quick snacks, authentic street food, delicious specialties, popular dishes, vegetarian or with meat, from traditional stews to classic tacos. We promise you a little more Mexico in your kitchen.


Mexican diversity with Rarotonga


From Mexican street food to traditional Mexican home cooking - Rarotonga succeeds in transporting the Mexican lifestyle to our homes with her recipes. With her recipes for warm hearty stews, homemade tortillas and delicious snacks for in between meals, she surprises us again and again with her diverse and creative cooking ideas. If you want to try your hand at Mexican cuisine, you should definitely check out Rarotonga.

More from Rarotonga: YT Channel, IG Profil


The Art of Mexican Cuisine with Arre

Mexican cuisine is very diverse and rich in a wide variety of flavors. With Arre! Mexican food, she has found probably one of the most authentic ambassadors to introduce us to Mexican recipes and their rich flavor combinations. In her recipe videos, Arre takes us by the hand and teaches us a deeper understanding of the culinary art and culture of her homeland in addition to preparing delicious Mexican dishes like chilaquiles, blue corn tortillas, carnitas and many more specialties. If you like to eat with your eyes, don't miss Arre's videos.

More from Arre: YT Channel, FB Page, IG Profil, Homepage


Mexican Culinary with La Bere

La Bere Kochen wie in Mexico Berenice Granada Vargas

There is hardly anyone who loves and lives Mexican cuisine as much as Berenice Granada Vargas. Known to most as La Bere, the cookbook author of - Cooking as in Mexico -, creates with pure passion her own partly classic, partly unusual but in any case always tasty dishes with numerous culinary influences. La Bere owes her know-how in large part to her time as a cook in Mexico, where she made stops at various restaurants. In the meantime, she even gives cooking classes in the Munich area to get people excited about Mexican cuisine. Do you feel like trying one of her recipes right away? Then take a look at the blog.

More from La Bere: FB Gruppe, FB Page, IG Profile, Cooking Book at Amazon


Delicious flavor combinations with Mexicana en Alemania

MexicanaenAlemania Instagram

One of the many characteristics that Mexicana en Alemania (Instagram) is certainly her dedication and enthusiasm for good food. And while she is cooking Mexican food, everything is just right. Her love for playing with colors and flavors is especially evident in her Manzana Loca recipe, a combination of fruits, vegetables, snacks and salsa. She's also a real family person and used to love cooking with her mom, from her she has adopted a few recipes into her repertoire. Is your mouth watering already?

More from Mexicana en Alemania: IG Profile


Mexican Salsa Variations from Kevin Steinbring

Kevin Steinbring Profilbild

Together with his partner Sergio, Kevin Steinbring builds bridges between Germany and Mexico through delicious creations and the use of various Mexican sauces. Along the way, he has also made sure that we have a category especially for Mexican Low-Fat-Products. He regularly travels and collects culinary impressions that he presents to us through great photography and small video snippets so appetizing that many hobby cooks also follow his profile.

More from Kevin Steinbring: IG Profile


You can find more recipes here:

Our recipe partners keep us totally on our toes, so we rarely get around to posting our own recipes. Here are our own contributions so far:

Partner Recipes

From time to time we also publish recipes from brands or partners with permission.


External link tips for more recipes?

Of course we also have something for you. 

For example, the page "Today we eat Mexican" offers you recipes from different sources.

  • Link to (Today we eat Mexican), Mexikanisches Rezept Portal

Finally, we would like to ask you: Do you have your own recipes that should definitely be on the list? Then simply write to us via our Contact Form - You should know, however, that you then have to give us permission to publish your pictures or videos of the recipe on our store pages, in return we link to your profiles and/or homepages with each recipe, so that you can also gain new fans and followers through your contribution.

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