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A good taco - Everything you need for it

Taco Artikel Bild bei MexicoMiAmor

Tacos are the most popular street food of Mexico, but they are also often prepared at home.

Depending on the region in Mexico, the tacos taste significantly different and they also look different.

We will therefore begin in our blog piece by piece a culinary taco journey with you.

This article will be gradually expanded for you with links to the next chapters of the Taco Pleasure Journey.


All released Taco Recipes with Links

Here you will find the linked taco posts that are available in recipe form on our site so far.

Further down in this article you will also find the ingredients for the popular Taco al Pastor. For more check back here from time to time!

All the ingredients to prepare a Mexican taco evening

Suitable articles for your successful taco evening you will find in

this product collection.


What you should buy additionally in the market with you

  • White onions diced and put on top
  • Fresh coriander, the leaves of which are put on
  • Limes, cut into boats and squeeze juice over tacos 


Quick shopping list for tacos al pastor

If you do not want to store through the collection recommended above. Here you get the quick overview as a shopping list with quick links for the most popular taco variant "al Pastor". Everything you can buy from us for your taco evening and what you might need in addition the list offers more experienced taco connoisseurs more choice options e.g. between salsas, tortillas and bean paste. More info on the individual ingredients can be found below.

1. available in the store, if not currently sold out

2. for snacks on the side from our store

What you should buy additionally in the market with you

  • White onions diced and put on top
  • Fresh coriander, the leaves of which are put on
  • Limes, cut into boats and squeeze juice over tacos


The variety of taco taste

The preparation has a few typical ingredients that offer a high recognition value in the taste experience. On the other hand, there are almost infinite combination possibilities, due to the used Salsas (sauces) and the spices, marinades and preparation steps in the meat..

Also the Tortillas and Supplements can differ significantly.

We can offer you a large assortment thanks to countless salsas in our store, on which you can experiment with your tacos at home.

A few really recommended puzzle pieces for your taco, we've got you covered here.

The tortilla for the taco

With the Tortilla Taquera of Masamor you get a allround bio tortillain your pan. It is simply quite indestructible. It is made in Switzerland in the traditional way and produced the authentic Mexican way. Vegan, gluten-free and made from Mexican genetically modified corn. By producing it in Switzerland, it is again super fresh and doesn't have to travel the long way from Mexico.

The salsa(s) for the taco

Ay. Where should we start? There are so many with us Salsas,that you can use for tacos. So if you want to invest time, just browse through the category of our Mexican Salsas. Our MexicoMiAmor Spicyness Rating from 0 Chili-Pods (not spicy) to 3 Chili-Pods (very spicy) shows you the right way on the product pages, depending on how high your sharpness tolerance is.

The topping for the taco

If you really want to discover Mexico, order for the Nopales (cactus strips) as an authentic Mexican topping for your taco. Otherwise, freshly chopped Onion pieces, plucked fresh coriander leaves and cut openLime for a final drizzle before eating your tacos. But you can also experiment a little and add something else to this traditional staple that seems appropriate.

Let your guests choose. Put salsas and toppings on the table separately in small bowls and let everyone determine their own quantity and selection.

The garnishes for the taco

Normally, in addition to the tacos you can make at home other Snacks build - as an appetizer, so to speak. Very typical is a small bowl Guacamole or brown bean puree which is attended with chunks of cream cheese and is spooned withTortilla Chips.

Taco Artikel Blog Bild

The meat for the taco

Of course, the selection of the Taco meat is also important., which goes first on the tortilla. Al Pastor, Suadero, Cochinita, Barbacoa and Carnitas are the most common meat preparations for tacos in Mexico. Follow the linked meat preparations to get to a product in our store.

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