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Manzana Loca recipe - the summer chili + fruit & snack combination

Manzana Loca Rezept - die sommerliche Chili + Obst & Snack Kombination

The Mexican Manzana Loca (Crazy Apple) recipe comes without a stove and "cooking". By using fruit, vegetables, snacks and salsa / sauce you combine here at first glance really wild, but this leads to a summery-hot and at the same time fruity taste experience that makes itself at parties in individual small bowls also with German guests quite well, for example, in the context of a barbecue.

As often happens with us, a user & customer of ours contributes this recipe to which we provided several ingredients. In this case again with the imaginative Mexicana en Alemania on Instagram, of which we at may hereby present the second recipe.

We present you the video reel of the "Manzana Loca" with vegetables, fruit, salsa and snacks right here. Further down you will find the steps as usual in text form.



And now the ingredients and preparation in the text version of the recipe.

Ingredients (quantity according to own needs)


  • Apple (store in the refrigerator beforehand)
  • Cucumber (store in the refrigerator beforehand)
  • Lemon (store in the refrigerator beforehand)


Preparation of the manzana loca Mexican style

Put the apple, cucumber, lemon and the vegetable or tomato juice in the refrigerator for about an hour before preparing.

  1. Cut apple, cucumber, skwinkles and pulparindo into cubes / small strips and place them together with the peanuts in a slightly deeper bowl.

  2. Squeeze in lemon juice and vegetable/tomato juice and wet the ingredients a bit with the Chamoy Salsa and Salsa Valentina, then stir everything a bit.

  3. Add the ruffles on the edge and a banderilla stick, also wet the chips with some Salsa Valentina (alternatively you can do it with Salsa Don Paulino or La Botanera)..

  4. Sprinkle in the Tajin chili lime powder.

  5. Take turns snacking on the chips, drinking through the banderilla stick as a straw from the salsa/juice mixture, and spooning from the snack/fruit/vegetable/tamarind mixture - done. ✅️.

  6. Note: If you want to indulge in a beer salsa mixed drink on the side, check out our Michelada-Recipe Article.

Bon Appetit!

Did you like the recipe, then follow Mexicana en Alemania on your Instagram Profile (Link), where, in addition to delicious recipes, she always provides good tips and variety in many other topics.

Feel free to comment below this article if you have any other ideas for Manzana Loca, or get in touch if you'd like to contribute a recipe of your own!

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