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La Bere Recipe - Enchiladas with Poblano sauce incl. video

Rezept Artikel Bild Enchiladas mit Poblano Salsa

In cooperation with the well-known cookbook author Berenice "La Bere" Granada Vargas of "COOKING AS IN MEXICO" (Kochen WIE IN MEXICO), we may present this recipe of Mexican Enchiladas with Poblano Salsa.

This dish is based on enchiladas (tortillas rolled and covered with sauce), especially poblano chilies and tomatillos, which can be found in the store here.

As a cook, La Bere was on the road in various restaurants in Mexico and is now a sought-after cooking teacher, especially in southern Germany. She gives cooking classes primarily in the Munich area.

La Bere Berenice Vargas Picture

Experience a Mexican dish cooked in the style of a cookbook author. If you like it, at the end of this article you will find the links to La Bere's groups and profiles, where you can get in touch with her and like-minded people or discover more recipes.

The video reel follows, but below you will also find the ingredients and preparation steps again in text form.



Ingredients for the Enchiladas

Ingredients Picture Enchiladas con Poblano Salsa


Preparation of the Enchiladas con Salsa Poblana

1. Remove the canned poblano chiles, remove the seeds and set aside.

2. Put the tomatoes (without water) in a blender with the garlic, the 3/4 onion and the poblanos and puree.

3. Finely dice the other 1/4 onion.

4. In a pan with a little oil, fry a few onions after a few seconds add the sauce, season with salt and pepper and simmer for 5 minutes on low heat.

5. Heat a little oil in another pan and fry the tortillas in it.

6. Don't let the fried tortillas get too brown, fill them with the shredded chicken and pour the sauce over them, garnish with creme fraiche, cheese and onions.



Delicious dishes like this can be found in La Bere's recipe book "COOKING AS IN MEXICO" (e.g. you can find at Thalia or Amazon).

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