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Michelada Recipe - The Legendary Beer and Chili mixed drink from Mexico

Michelada Rezept - Das legendäre Bier-Chili-Mixgetränk aus Mexiko

What do you imagine the famous chili beer cocktail mixed drink?

In Germany, you've probably heard of the Mexican specialty of "beer with chili" - some of you may have also picked up the term "Michelada". But the mixture is not as simple as it sounds. There are a few more artistic tricks and ingredients involved than just dumping chili salsa into a beer.
Michelada Recipe Beer Chili Mixgetränk Mexikanisch Chilibeer

The ingredients of a classic Michelada recipe are shown here.

We describe how you can prepare a classic Michelada like in Mexico. However, it can be varied in almost infinite ways by changing beers, salsas or adding other ingredients. Shrimp is still a common addition - in Mexico, the Michelada is sometimes served with crazy ingredients such as wine gum or even with meat.

If you want to know the really crazy Micheladas, you can watch, for example, the Netflix infotainment documentary "

Below you will find described how the preparation steps of the classic Michelada work.

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More ingredients:

  • Lime
  • Optional: Ice cubes
  • Optional: Shrimp or other edible decorations

Mexikanische Michelada Einzelaufnahme freigestellt Rezept Artikel MexicoMiAmor

Recipe: 10 Steps for the Mexican Michelada (Beer-Chili-Mix)

1. Place large jars or large glass in the refrigerator.

2. Moisten rim of glass with lime juice.

3. Tajin Chili-Lime powder and salt on a plate and roll rim of glass in salt/chili powder mixture to create a salty spicy rim.

4. Optional: Dip the rim of the glass additionally in Tajin Chamoy Salsa

5. Squeeze lime juice (half to whole fruit) into glass.

6. Mix some salsa chamoy or other chili sauce or Mexican salsa, Clamato Juice, and a bit Jugo Maggi together.

7. Optional: Add ice cubes on warm summer days 

8. Mexican Beer fill the glass - you get one of the most popular beer-mixed drinks in Mexico, the Michelada.

9. Add tajin spice powder and also a pinch of salt to the jar. Stir.

10. Optional: Creatively decorate the rim of the glass, for example with shrimp or lime slices. However, there are hardly any limits to the crazy taste of your ideas.

Try this in this country still little known mixture at a party with your friends and accompany the whole thing with hot and spicy Snacks. The party will be refreshing and hot at the same time. And the Mexicans swear that a Michelada also helps against the hangover afterwards.

¡Salud! Cheers!

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