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Corn Tortillas for the Mexican Home Moments

Mais Tortillas für die mexikanischen Heimat-Momente

With these Tortillas it's like taking a look at your homeland


Food is a part of our daily lives. Eating is a habit that not only has to do with satisfying our appetite, sometimes the need to eat goes far beyond that.


How and what we eat is part of our culture and identity.


Studies show that the nostalgic feelings we experience with each bite of our favorite foods are directly linked to our childhood memories.

In other words, we all preserve memories associated with a place, a taste, and most important, people.



The environment in which we enjoy the food, the experience of being part of a family or community, the fact that someone cares about us, or the affection with which we were served the food, all add sensory meaning.

All five senses are involved in the formation of memory, and taste and smell memories have an intense effect on our inner balance and well-being moments.


Not only that, they prolong our mood in a special way even before and after eating through the phases of hunger, anticipation, enjoyment, and feeling full.

When we leave our familiar surroundings, it is these memories that make us miss that mood and the people who went along with it.

For migrants, preparing and eating food that is typical of their place of origin can serve the purpose of maintaining a connection to their country and society.

Thus, the food becomes a symbol of tradition and culture.

When living abroad, it is difficult to obtain the ingredients necessary to prepare such dishes. Fortunately, more and more migrants have taken it upon themselves to recreate some of these products on foreign soil using the original recipes from their cultural backgrounds and achieving amazing results.

This is the case with the Tortillas from Masamor, a tortilla that saw the light of day in Switzerland in 2019 and whose creators have managed to give it that wonderful taste that characterizes it and that awakens our Mexican-influenced memories and senses.

Masamor Tortillas Artikel Anrissbild MexicoMiAmor Blog

It is a tortilla made with the highest quality standards and natural ingredients: Organic certified.

Just heating them on the grill awakens our senses - as a Mexican, I see the most delicious tortillas of my homeland in front of me - and the aromatic notes of fresh corn they exude take me back to my extended family's hearth, where tortillas were made and eaten by hand.

Die Tortillas from Masamor are not only BIO SUISSE certified and available from light corn and blue corn, they are versatile and durable, so you can make all kinds of dishes with them, although you may be tempted to just snack on them plain fresh from the tortilla pan.

There are many things that can be told and recommended about this tortilla, but ultimately you are the ones who should notice how this product, made with love, awakens your personal memories and stories in you when you taste it.


Don't wait any longer and get a specialty home that sprays an authentic Mexican recipe and flavors pure on your taste buds!


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