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Huitlacoche (Cuitlacoche) Quesadilla Recipe - The mushroom that makes the world go round.

Huitlacoche (Cuitlacoche) Quesadilla Rezept - Der Pilz, der die Welt in Aufruhr versetzt


Corn truffle Quesadilla recipe with tortillas, cheese, salsa and spices.


Huitlacoche (Cuitlacoche) or corn truffle or corn mushroom grows naturally in virtually all corn crops in the world, but is eradicated because it is considered in many places only as a parasite. In Mexico, however, it has been part of the traditional cuisine since colonial times and is valued as a gastronomic delicacy.


And although huitlacoche is used commercially in Mexico, the presence of this fungus in local crops means that a large portion of the corn crop could be lost.



The corn truffle flavor is hard to describe, a mixture of herbal earthy influences - half mushroom, half corn.


But what does huitlacoche taste like? For those who have not tried it, it is somewhat difficult to describe, since it has a very particular taste and its consistency is similar to that of a sponge. When cooked, the grain in which most of the huitlacoche is contained explodes and this gives it its flavor: a mixture of mushrooms and corn.


In Mexico, the huitlacoche season reaches its peak during the rainy season. This peculiar fungus has not only attracted the attention of gastronomic experts, but has also participated in several genetic studies aimed at controlling other pests.

Thus, this versatile ingredient of Mexican cuisine is causing all sorts of scientific and culinary experiments in different parts of the world.

Here you will find an easy recipe to prepare delicious quesadillas with Mexican truffle or corn truffle.


- 500g Maíz Maya-Tortillas or Tortillas from natural blue corn from Masamor
- 420g Huitlacoche
- ½ chopped onion
- 1 tablespoon Epazote (Aztec seasoning plant) e.g. from Terana, chopped
- 1/3 Tasse Mexican white corn kernels e.g. from Herdez or Aviles
- Salt and Pepper to taste
- Vegetable oil

- Salsa to taste, e.g. Salsa Macha from Xatzé or Chicharron de Chile from Casa Gloton

- Optional: Queso Costeño

from Bajo Grande for a fresh rounding


1. Fry the chopped onion in oil.

2. Add the Mexican white corn and stir a few times, cook for 3 minutes.

3. Add cuitlacoche (huitlacoche) and then epazote terana.

4. Season with salt and pepper and cook on low heat for about 10 minutes until everything thickens. Do not let it dry out, otherwise it will lose flavor and consistency.

5. Put some of the huitlacoche filling (and cheese, such as queso costeño, if desired) on the tortillas, fold over, and when the tortilla is nice and warm, remove and serve.

6. You can still add your favorite salsa at the table. Recommendations, see ingredients.


 Did you know that in northern Mexico huitlacoche is mixed with corn to make a drink similar to atole? And that in Chiapas they make a drink called "Esmoloc" from it? 😊



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