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Chilaquiles with salsa verde - for any daytime

Chilaquiles mit Salsa Verde - für jede Tageszeit

Bon appetit, morning, noon or night with Mexican chilaquiles. YouTuber Arre serves you here with a super simple, tasty and in Mexico well known dish, that can be prepared quickly. It is amazing, that it has not gained a higher popularity in Germany yet.

Arre prepares Mexican food for you in such a way that you can recreate the specialties in an authentic Mexican way. Follow Arre's channels for many more recipes. On YouTube, she uploaded her 100th video in 2022. But we also share with her help the knowledge about Mexican recipes in our recipe blog - and so it is always worth a look for you on

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With Arre's permission we present the recipe for Chilaquiles con Salsa Verde (with green sauce) here. A video reel with a quite simple preparation can be found further down in the article.

Chilaquiles are a very traditional dish throughout Mexico. In Mexican cuisine, for example, chilaquiles can also be made from tortillas that have been crushed and already dried the day before. Therefore, they are also eaten with pleasure already in the morning, although it is a warm dish.

In our recipe variation, however, we choose more of a premium product with Masamor's Totopos.

These are the few ingredients you need for the Chilaquiles con Salsa Verde

For 2 Persons/Portions

  • 1 cup of creme fraiche, we prefer the variant with higher fat content
  • Optional: Plucked chicken meat
  • 200 g cream cheese


    Preparation of the Chilaquiles in Salsa Verde in the recipe video


    Of course Arre has created a video for you again. It is amazing how fast and easy chilaquiles can be prepared and how good they taste with just a few ingredients.

    Here is the YouTube video of Arre with which you will certainly succeed in the preparation again.


    Here you will find the preparation steps again in text form:

    1. Place the Green Salsa Verde in a saucepan and heat over medium heat.
    2. Add tortilla chips/totopos and stir them into the salsa until they soften a bit.
    3. Don't leave the tortilla chips in the salsa too long, transfer the mixture to a plate as soon as the totopos no longer "crack" but can just be bitten through without crunching.
    4. Sprinkle cream cheese over the chilaquiles and add a few spoonfuls of creme fraiche.
    5. If you want, pluck some cooked chicken meat and put it on top of the dish.
    6. Bon appetite!

    If you have any further questions about this or any other recipes, you can reach Arre! Mexican Essen on the following channels and ask questions.

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