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Traditional Ponche Navideño - Fruity Winter Refreshment

Artikelbild Ponche Navideno mit Früchten MexicoMiAmor Blog

The Ponche Navideño is a traditional drink in Mexico that is prepared during the winter and Christmas season.

It often sits for hours on the stove top in a large pot and with a ladle, those present get up to half a dozen cups of the fruity drink that warms you up inside.

Here's a tip on how you can prepare the tasty without much effort.

- 2 Apples
- 3-5 Jamaica / Hibiskus Flowers
- 2-3 Liter Water
Ponche de Frutas from Don Zabor (available here in our Shop)
- Optionally sweeten with sugar or who would like it a little healthier with Panela Fraccionada from Coexito (available here in our Shop)


1. A medium size pot half full with water (2-3 litres) fill and bring the water to a boil. Cut the apples into wedges on the side.

2. the ingredients from the ponche mixture into the water. continue to simmer the water, stirring occasionally. Add the apple slices and the Jamaica / hibiscus leaves. You will quickly get the Christmas fruity smell in the nose.

Ponche Frutas Navidenas Artikel Bild Wasserkochen

3. The fruits have to become rehydrated. After about 15 minutes, the dried fruit should have almost fully absorbed.

4. Feel free to wait a little longer for the flavor to fully develop in the water, and after the first cup served, let the rest of the punch continue to simmer; in Mexico, the ponche stands warm for hours.

5. Take some, not all fruit (including the sticks) with a pair of grabbing tongs or a large fork and give them in a big cup. After that, with a ladle, take the punch water / ponche and also put it in the cup. In the order it is better, because otherwise the fruit can plop into the water and cause colorful splashes. ;)

Ponche Navideno in Tasse von Don Zabor MexicoMiAmor Blog Artikel

6. The fruits can be taken from the ponche alternately with your sips are fished out of the cup - for example with a fork or a small skewer. If the taste is not sweet enough for you, feel free to sweeten with some honey or sugar or if you want it healthier, try sweetening with Panela Fraccionada (available here in our shop).

7. Enjoy your punch with your loved ones slowly and let everything continue to simmer. 

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