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Frutas Locas Recipe - Crazy Fruits and Vegetables

Frutas Locas Rezept - Verrückte Früchte und Gemüse

Summer fresh and yet Mexican spicy is this recipe video in cooperation with the YouTube Channel of the imaginative and full of tasty ideas Mexican Rarotonga.This time we present you the recipe of fruit and vegetable combination with chili powder and chamoy. Frutas Locas- are popular in Mexico on warm days and also very nice to look at, depending on the decoration idea. For parties with guests the sliced fruits are a nice idea.

The spiciness is still quite mild despite the salsa and powder. We present you the recipe video to which we were happy to contribute the ingredients, watch it here.

Disclaimer: The references to health or healing / healthy effects of the drink listed by Rarotonga in your video correspond to the private opinion of the author responsible for the content of the video - we as MexicoMiAmor.de recommend the dish exclusively because of the taste and do not give any health recommendation at this point.

Of course, we have also compiled the recipe for you in text form.

You need the following ingredients

  • 1x Chamoy Sauce from Tajin
  • 1x Chili-Lime Powder from Tajin
  • 1/4 Water melon
  • Diced Mango and Ananas
  • 1x Cucumber
  • 4x Carotts
  • 3x Limes
  • You can optionally add your own favorite fruits
  • Utensils: wooden skewers, cutting board, lime squeezer, glasses/cups for serving, shot glasses, cup - put on for mood music like Clases de Chachacha by Ramon Marquez or Perez Prado! :)


            Preparation of the Frutas Locas

            Remove peel from watermelon and cut into rough cubes, setting aside some of the cubes.

            1. Spread the other part of the cubes on the wooden games. Likewise, set aside part of the mango and pineapple cubes and distribute the rest on the skewers.

            2. Sprinkle the Tajin chili lime powder on a flat plate. Then, using a sliced lime, brush over the rims of the glass so that they are wet with the lime juice. Then press the jar rims into the Tajin powder on the plate and turn to create a powder rim.

            3. Wet the rim of the cup with the chamoy sauce, for this, put some chamoy salsa in a bowl and press the rim of the cup into it. Then also press the Chamoy cup rim into the Tajin chili lime powder.

            4. Peel carrots and cucumbers and cut into sticks.

            5. Put the previously set aside fruits (melon, pineapple, mango) in a wide glass and squeeze the lime juice over it. Then pour a little Chamoy sauce over it and sprinkle with some chili powder.

            6. For the vegetable sticks, fill with half a centimeter of chamoy. Squeeze the juice of 1-2 limes over the sticks lying on a plate. Then roll the sticks on the chili powder plate. Then put them together in the cup.

            7. Wet the fruit skewers with chamoy, roll them in the chili powder as well and place them in a container so that they stand upright. Alternatively, you can omit chamoy and use only lime juice instead, as with the sticks.


            It is recommended to eat the frutas locas shortly after serving, otherwise the fruit will soften more and more. Bon appetite!

            We wish Rarotonga, who has once again put a lot of effort into the video and recipe, even more subscribers on her YouTube Channel (Link) or more followers on her Instagram Account (Link), so that it will bring you and us many more videos.

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