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Authentic Mexican food and experience the optimistic culture of Mexico.

Real Mexican food is sometimes very different from what you have been presented with in Germany as supposedly "Mexican". Chili con carne or nachos with dips are less typical of Mexican food culture than you thought. With us you will find what is authentic, what Mexicans really enjoy in their country. Watch out for our recipes and tips. You will not regret it.

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Discover Mexican Recipes and Ideas on our website

We make sure that Mexico comes to your home not only in the form of products. You'll get tips and recipes suggested on many individual product pages on how to combine the products to get the most enjoyment for you, your family and friends.

With us you will not only rediscover the authentic Mexican food, but we will also take you if you want through our Recipe section in the store blog and explain to you what you need to keep in mind when preparing your Mexican food.

Our philosophy: Not everything that comes from Mexico is spicy

With the large number of Mexican Salsas & Dips it is difficult for non-Mexicans to judge how spicy they are for the average person. That's why we've included our own spiciness level as a little help on each product detail page.

By the way, it's a myth that everything in Mexico is eaten spicy - even though Mexican cuisine is undoubtedly spicier - there are plenty of authentic Mexican dishes that are mild & also happily consumed without meat ingredients.

Even chili pods are not always exceptional spicy. Stories and information about such and other food myths, you will find in our Recipes & Blog section. We'd love for you to share yours with your loved ones at dinner.

We strive for sustainable storage & shipping of our products

We pay the CO2 compensation in DHL GoGreen shipping in Germany. This means that we pay an additional amount for each delivery, which is invested by our shipping service provider in climate protection projects that reduce CO2 emissions.

In addition, we work together with a Warehouse specialist, who has been active in food logistics for decades and uses environmentally friendly packaging wherever possible - especially for refrigerator or freezer temperature products. You will be able to see it for yourself when unboxing our packages.

You can submit suggestions for new measures or sustainable products via our contact page.