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Sweet Recipe - Atole with Maria's Cookies

Süßes Rezept - Atole mit Marias Keksen

For the cold seasons, here is a sweet and creamy crunchy recipe of Atole with Maria's cookies. What is Atole? It is a traditional warm drink based on corn. Atole is often served with Tamales, which are also popular in Mexico during the Christmas season and spring. A Recipe for Tamales you can find in our shop pages also.

To be able to prepare and collect specialties from Mexico so that German visitors can also find their way around Mexican cuisine is a goal of Arre (recipe creator) and us togehter. promotes the culture of Mexican food with these recipe collaborations.

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You're probably already quite excited about the recipe, so let's go directly into the description of the preparation, which you can find here as a video and again text-based in this article.

The recipe is relatively quick to prepare and since some of the ingredients also contribute to Christmas dishes and pastries in Europe, there's a good chance you'll like this combination if you are from Europe.

For Atole with Maria's cookies you need the following ingredients 


    Preparation of atole with Maria's cookies in the recipe video

    A recipe video that explains the preparation of the Christmas atole can be found here. Further down you can read the steps also in text form.



    1. Liquefy the cookies Marías Lara or Marías Gamesa together with two cups of milk.

    2. Boil the remaining milk (3 cups) together with the cinnamon stick and piloncillo.

    3. Once the milk boils, add the ground marías cookies. Reduce the heat so that it simmers and continue stirring so that the milk does not boil over.

    4. Dissolve the tablespoon of creme pudding in two cups of cold water.

    5. Add the water with the creme pudding to the milk and continue stirring.

    6. Add one teaspoon of "La Anita" vanilla essence. Stir well.

    Bon appétit!

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    If you have any further questions about this or any other recipes, you can reach Arre! Mexican Essen on the following channels and ask questions.

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