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Piñata with Rainbow Señor Corazon Heart party motif

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Friends of the party can now order our heart-shaped rainbow piñata for the ultimate fiesta and fill it with sweets and/or confetti! Handmade by the wonderful meow creativa creacions. The love of celebrating is visible in every colorful stripe of this little heart. Now you're probably wondering: why is it wearing a sombrero? Well friends, this is the haute couture touch that every good party needs!

But it also has to do with our famous Familia Corazon, which you can see here from time to time. Imagine this piñata dangling from a ceiling or a branch, ready to be opened by guests young and old ;) You can literally feel it beaming at you and whispering: "Show me what you've got!" But wait a minute - why choose a heart-shaped piñata anyway? Well, because love is the ultimate party ingredient!

Our rainbow heart piñata does not simply add a splash of color to your party, but is also unique in a way, because the rainbow looks a little different on each of these piñatas. The rainbow stripes are like embracing seven unicorns at once - can you imagine anything more magical? You can almost hear her saying in a South American accent: "Hola, let's rock this fiesta!" And what would a piñata be without its inner treasures?

You can fill the piñata with a truly indulgent treasures by ordering sweets or snacks from our store - from wine gums, Mazapán, sweets, lollipops and chocolate bars to potato chips, peanuts and other snacks. You'll find the full range of Mexican party treats here. The perfect gift for birthdays or family celebrations?

Don't look further! This piñata is like the Cupid of the party scene - it hits the heart and spreads joy and laughter. The Rainbow Heart Piñata - because celebrating without love is like a rainbow without colors!

Size (may differ slightly):
Height 36cm x Width 38cm x Depth 12cm

Please take note of the instructions for use and safety in the Tips section!

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- Paper / Cardboard / Thread

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You can fill the piñata with a truly indulgent treasure by ordering sweets or snacks from our store - from wine gums and Mazapán to sweets, lollipops and chocolate bars, as well as potato chips, peanuts and other snacks. You'll find the complete range of Mexican parties here.


There is a flap at the top of the pinata where you can put sweets and small snacks. There is a loop on top which the pinata can be hung / pulled up with a longer ribbon if necessary. As a rule, the pinata should be able to carry its filling very well up to approx. 3 kg.

Traditionally, guests take it in turns to hit the pinata with a wooden stick until it is so broken that the sweets inside fall out, at which point all guests are allowed to grab the sweets as quickly as possible and collect them.

At children's parties, we strongly recommend that guests keep a safe distance from the guest performing the punches. If possible, adults should supervise in pairs and, if necessary, influence the children with regard to breaks / passing on the stick, distances and distribution of the sweets. Adults should participate as organizers or participants in the described procedure in as sober a state as possible.

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