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Mexican national flag approx. 91 x 61 cm large

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The Mexican national flag or national flag in this version made entirely of durable polyester and about 91x61 cm wide and high, consists of three vertical stripes in the colors green, white and red representing Mexico. The green stripe is on the left side and symbolizes independence. The white stripe in the center represents the purity of ideals and the unity of the Mexican people. The red stripe represents the blood of the national heroes.

The flag has two eyelets on the upper left and lower left corner with an opening of about 1.4 cm wide to pull through threads or ropes and hoist them, for example, on flagpoles. At public viewings or stadium visits, many Mexicans like to wrap themselves in a flag as a cape. Generally, the flag is gladly shown. Even at events such as the European Song Contest or at music concerts, you can often see that Mexican visitors are also guests.

The history of the flag dates back to the time of the Mexican struggle for independence against Spanish colonial rule. On February 24, 1821, the first Mexican flag was designed, showing the image of an eagle on a cactus in a lake. After Mexico gained its independence from Spain, the flag was changed several times until it was established in its current form in 1968. The meaning of the colors and symbols in the Mexican flag has profound historical and cultural significance for the country.

The eagle on the cactus symbolizes the legendary foundation of Mexico City in a place where an eagle holds a snake in its talons. This event was interpreted by the Aztecs as a sign of the place where they were to found their capital Tenochtitlán. The Mexican national flag is an important national symbol and is used in various contexts, including official ceremonies, public buildings and national holidays such as Independence Day on September 16.

Raising and respecting the flag is highly valued by the Mexican people and is an expression of pride and attachment to the country. In many cases, a ceremony is held every morning in schools. As a rule, Mexicans have a very strong sense of national pride that unites people.

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